ThermalCork and Stucco

ThermalCork and Stucco
Know what material to use to coat your building

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If you are trying to decide what material to use to coat your building, the choice may seem to come down to ThermalCork or traditional stucco. However, exterior cork coatings are a complementary product to stucco. When used together, ThermalCork and stucco offer greater efficiency. As an energy-efficient and 100 percent natural material, ThermalCork has enormous value for anyone who would like to reduce their building’s impact on the rest of the world. These are just a few of the areas in which ThermalCork stands out when it is used with stucco:

Mold Prevention

One of the chronic problems with stucco is that it is so susceptible to mold. Moisture from rain or condensation can seep behind stucco, where it can rapidly foster mold. Over time, the mold can do serious damage to your home, particularly the siding.

This is one of the many areas where ThermalCork offers a clear solution. ThermalCork is water-resistant, so an exterior sprayed cork coating applied over stucco will provide a firm, solid protective shield against moisture. Thus, you won’t have to worry as much about mold-related damage when you use thermal cork protection.

Thermal insulation

Stucco’s capacity to resist the flow of heat—known as a material’s R-value—is not very high. In fact, its R-value is inferior to that of wood. Thus, stucco on its own does not have much value as an insulating material, and using it on your building will not help you significantly improve your home or business’s energy efficiency.

By comparison, ThermalCork provides tremendous insulative power. When you coat your stucco building using a high-quality ThermalCork product, you will help to keep your interior at the same temperature—heat will not be able to escape as easily. Thus, you will not need to run your heating system for long, costly hours every day and night in order to stay warm and comfortable.

Conversely, ThermalCork is effective at keeping heat out during the summer when you are running the A/C. As a result, ThermalCork is a highly energy-efficient sprayed cork coating material. ThermalCork also offers effective soundproofing qualities when you use it with stucco.


Stucco is known as a rigid, inflexible material. While modern stucco is not as prone to drying out and cracking as more traditional stucco, it can still be difficult to repair cleanly and cannot stand up to too much stress.

ThermalCork is highly flexible. Because of the way that ThermalCork is composed, it is able to provide a breathable layer of protection to stucco walls. It will release humidity and moisture instead of absorbing it.