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Why Should You Become an Exclusive ThermalCork™ Solutions Dealer?

Do you want a job where you choose your own schedule? Have you always dreamed of running your own business? As a ThermalCork™ Solutions dealer, you will have the opportunity to grow a successful business with a product that’s effective, in-demand, and easy to apply. Still not sure? Check out these exceptional benefits of becoming a dealer with us.

  • Sell a product you can feel good about. ThermalCork™ Solutions spray cork coatings are effective and durable. In addition, they’re designed to improve the efficiency of your clients’ homes or buildings.
  • Work in your own area or expand your reach nationally. We want you to be successful as a ThermalCork™ Solutions dealer. Therefore, we’ll ensure that you have complete training and support as an exclusive provider dealer.
  • Avoid fees and royalties. As an exclusive dealer, you won’t deal with the headaches of monthly royalties, franchise fees, and complicated franchise agreements. Your focus can remain on growing your business.
  • Start a business quickly. Within just weeks, you’ll be able to get the ball rolling and start serving clients in your area or beyond.
  • Work in an in-demand industry. Home services are always necessary, even in times of economic downturn. Secure your business selling a product that saves homeowners and businesses money.
  • Amplify your profits. By nature, spray cork coatings are low-cost and high-profit, so you’ll have great growth opportunities.
This year it is very realistic that we’ll do over $900k in revenue with $275K – $375K in profits. ThermalCork™ Solutions has made our family’s life better.”
– Mark & Cindy C.

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Take it from our dealers.

“Aimee and Andrew have guided us from the start and helped up build a new, profitable business in just a few months.”
– Joey S.

Is ThermalCork Solutions Right for You?

Want to know if you’re the right fit to become ThermalCork Solutions dealer? Check out the qualifications we’re looking for below.

Is ThermalCork Solutions Right for You
  • A knack for customer service – One of the most important qualities we look for in our dealers is enthusiasm for customer service. While sales, management, and business expertise are a plus, they are not required. However, you should feel confident informing customers about the benefits of ThermalCork Solutions for their homes and businesses.
  • A solid initial investment – Of course, it takes some financial investment to get a new business off the ground. Our minimum upfront investment is $15,000. Marketing and vehicle costs are not included in the initial investment. There is also third party financing.
  • A devoted commercial vehicle – We recommend having a dedicated truck and/or trailer or van for transporting and promoting ThermalCork Solutions products. However, as your business grows, you may take on a fleet of commercial vehicles to serve your clients.

After Your Application: What’s Next?

Once you send us your application to become a licensed dealer, you will probably be excited to get your business up and running. However, there are a few important steps that you can expect.


Application Review

It may take several business days and up to a few weeks for our team to review your application. During this time, we may also verify any background information.


Partnership Decision

If we decide that you’re a good fit, then we’ll sign the paperwork to make it official. As soon as you sign, we’ll help you get set up with supplies, sales and marketing materials, and everything else you need to start your business.


You’re in Business

At this phase, you’ll be an authorized dealer of ThermalCork Solutions. You can start taking on clients and applying ThermalCork products with our simple and easy process.


Ongoing Support

Your success is necessary for our success. That’s why we’ll provide ongoing support with training, tools, and resources to help your business grow.

Become an exclusive ThermalCork™ Solutions dealer

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